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Bienvenidos a la Iglesias de nuestra Mision.

Nuestra misión tiene como finalidad plantar nuevas congregaciones en todo el Perú y el mundo entero, pero donde ya hay iglesias, servimos entrenando y desarrollando lideres

Ig. Familia

Sufficiently important news would be repeated quickly and often, and could spread by word of mouth over a large geographic area.

Ig. Formación

Even as printing presses came into use in Europe, news for the general public often travelled orally via monks, travelers, town criers, etc.

Ig. Asociadas

Visible chains of long distance signaling, known as optical telegraphy, have also been used throughout history to convey limited types of information.

Ig. Fraternas

Thus, political, religious, and commercial interests have historically controlled, expanded, and monitored communications channels.


The spread of paper and the printing press from China to Europe preceded a major advance in the transmission of news and new channels.